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Athlon's Running Training Program
benefiting the Family Care Network

No matter what your running ability is... novice to experts benefit from Athlon's unique running coaching program (offered FREE for MM4K registrants).


We've worked with many runners helping them achieve new levels of success (or just get started running pain-free...).  It's not about the perfect running schedule, it's about your joints moving correctly and efficiently when you're running.  We'll show you how to achieve that, as well as best practices for running technique so you'll have the best performance possible in the upcoming Miracle Miles for Kids Walk/Run!


Register now for one of the following running workshops offered at Athlon Fitness & Performance.


Each workshop will be limited to just

12 participants, so reserve your spot ASAP!


Wednesday, February 28th @ 5:30pm

Saturday, March 10th @ 9:30am

In this workshop you will learn:
  • Foot mobility drills (to improve your efficiency of movement throughout your entire body),
  • Foot strengthening drills (to resist injury as you start preparing for your best 10K performance ever... even if you've never done one!),
  • Proper running technique (so you move efficiently, conserve energy and resist injury),
  • A running training program (specific to your level and ability),
  • A cross-training fitness program (to aid in your fitness level and make sure you're in tip-top condition for the run),
  • Nutrition advice (to help with improved performance and body fat management),
  • Much more...

Scroll back up and register today!  Space is limited to the first 30 MM4K participants that sign-up.  Don't miss out!


If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact us at 805-546-6070 or by email to We look forward to seeing you there and having a great workshop!



Ryan Joiner, MS, CSCS

Owner, Athlon Fitness & Performance

(805) 546-6070